The Carpet Beetle

Carpet Beetle


Damage occurs during the larval stage of a carpet beetle. Carpet Beetles go through a complete metamorphosis. Carpet beetles, as their name implies, are capable of damaging carpets. These pests will feed upon a variety of dead animals and animal fibers such as wool, furs, silk, feathers, animal fur and even leather. They may feed on synthetic materials if the synthetic materials are soiled with food debris or oils. Carpet Beetles can develop undetected in a home, causing significant damage to clothing, bedding, floor coverings and many other articles if left unaddressed. If Carpet Beetles find their way into your home, it can be a difficult pest to control due to their ability to find food in the most obscure places and can easily disperse widely throughout a building or home.

Carpet Beetles frequently fly into homes from flowers in the landscape. Adults feed off plant nectar and pollen and can be brought in on cut flowers. A few adult beetles in the house shouldn’t be cause for alarm, but if you find larvae developing in fabrics in your home, this is when a professional should be called in.

Eliminate the Source

Regular and thorough cleaning or vacuuming of rugs, draperies, upholstered furniture and closets where carpet beetles congregate is an important preventive and control technique. Vacuuming is an effective way of removing food sources as well as carpet beetle eggs, larvae, and adults. After vacuuming infested areas, dispose of the bag promptly, because it can contain eggs, larvae, or adult insects. Food and perspiration stains on fabrics attract carpet beetles. Laundering washable items in hot water or dry-cleaning them will kill all stages of these insects. This is the most important method for controlling fabric pests in clothing, blankets, and other washable articles. Check your cut flowers for adult beetles before bringing them into your home. Seal or repair any entry points from windows and sliding doors.

If you suspect you have a Carpet Beetle infestation

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